Get Glowing Confident Behind the Camera

Welcome back Angels. You asked for how to “up your selfie game”/”become more confident behind the camera”, so you got it.


LOCATION: I took these two above pictures and the upcoming pictures in my back yard. Yes, you have to go outside. No, don’t you dare try to just use the lighting from your window. Vitamin D wont absorb as well through a window so your glowy photos wont turn out as well either. You deserve the full and best experience.

TIME: From 12pm to 2pm EST the sun is right above me in the sky during summer which, is exactly when I took all these pictures. A clear sky is important too, so you’re not fighting with the sun to compliment you in your photos. Work with the sun, she will work back with you.

MAKEUP BASICS: For a natural and glowing selfie, I recommend a BB cream that matches your natural skin tone well and a transparent powder (any light powder is fine though). The BB creams are great for really complimenting your true tones and making a completed full colouring of your face that matches to your body, limiting redness and blotchiness. Put on your favourite mascara and a natural eyeshadow if you wish, to make your eyes pop more. Having a shaped, clean and filled brow thats true to your brow shape is essential; I feel like a clean, well shaped brow alone could be enough to accomplish the look in all honesty.

MAKEUP ADD ONS: If you want some extra shimmer to your photo you can apply highlighter that matches your skin tone. If you want to keep it natural then, keep your highlighter closer to your skin tone and less gold/white. Applying simply to your cheek bones, cupids bow and the touch at the inner of your eyes keeps it simple and elegant. Want to go full on highlight? Absolutely go for it but again, natural highlighter. Lip balm and/or a clear lipgloss or true tone of your lips for gloss, can add an extra glimmer as well. Remember this, the sun will naturally flatter your selfies once we take a look at angles/directions from the sun and positioning your face.

HAIR: Do your hair how ever you wish, this is all on you and what you’re feeling and what makes you feel most natural and confident. Ask yourself, what hairstyle makes me feel most confident and like my true self? Your natural hair is probably amazing too, so don’t be scared to let it down and bring the photo even more to life with confidence. You are so beautiful as you are.

CLOTHING: Again, this comes down to you and what you feel comfortable and confident in. I personally find that with natural, glowing pictures such as above, I like to have my neck, shoulders, arms and upper chest regions exposed. It brings more glow into the photos as not only is your face shimmering, but you bring on more shimmer with flaunting some more freshly moisturized skin. You should moisturizer at least once a day regardless okay? Your skin is your largest organ so show her some love. And dang girl, grab the sunscreen if you plan on being out there for awhile.


Let’s take a look at some examples of what the results will be depending on which direction you’re facing the sun. Remember, the sun should be above you so looking at it, your chin goes up slightly and you feel like theres symmetrical space on both the right and the left of you from the suns position.

I’m not wearing any makeup in the following pictures; I wanted to show you what it looks like even with natural skin to get glowing pictures.

TURNED AWAY FROM THE SUN: Don’t Face Away From Her Rays

As you can see, the lighting isn’t great when you have the sun behind you to get that glowing, natural and shimmering selfie. There will be a lot more darkness/shade across your face and body than there will be sun. This direction is a no glow.

SUN DIRECTLY ON YOUR SIDE: Your Hairs Blocking The Rays

The pictures at the beginning of this post where angled from the side and they look a bit different right? Hair in your face is a no glow. Having your hair out of your face from the side that the sun is shining on, is crucial for lighting. You’ll be able to get a her rays therefore, her glow if you have your hair pushed back. The side of your head that is away from the sun well, let that hair do whatever it wants it wont affect anything. We all love a messy, blessed look when our hair can be wild and free.

SUN DIRECTLY ON YOUR SIDE: Angled to The Rays and Slay

So let’s review quickly. 1) We are positioning our side to the sun and/or slightly facing the sun with our face and shoulder facing the sun. 2) Our hair is out of our face. 3) ANGLING IS THE GLOW CHANGER. Look into your phone/camera, you should be getting a fair amount of sun on the side of your face, shoulders and across your chest. No, slightly tilt your chin up towards the sun. There we go. We have sun across the three major parts of skin in the picture, we’re glowing baby. You can look where ever you like, this is all on you. I personally find a look into the camera to be best or slightly above and away into the distance.

SUN DIRECTLY FACING YOU: But Your Ignoring Her Rays Again Angel

I think seeing the last photo compared to this one you can already see the major difference in having your face/chin angled to the chin slightly. It creates an open canvas for the sun to indulge your beautiful face. So chin up because you stand empowered and confident, right? The rays are yours for the taking.


We are facing the sun. Your hair is out of your face. We are angling our face/chin to face the sun so she can make us glow. Shade is playing its role in creating some contrast in colour. We are living for this moment and our selfie. Another important take away is have your phone/camera in front of your face, not lowered down or up above your head. Also, you can see yourself in your phone/camera screen so use it to your advantage.


It can be easier said than done, but get confident and comfortable behind the camera. You can feel the energy behind a photo and others can tell if you enjoyed taking the selfie or if you were feeling awkward and insecure.

You are so great as you are and deserve to slay your selfies how ever you desire, in whatever lighting you wish and with as much or as little makeup, hairstyling etc. you wish.

Practicing the angling and direction of the sun may be strange at first so be prepared to have to go out for a secondary shoot to feel more comfortable!

If it does help you, bring a friend to help with making sure the lighting is really complementing you as they take the pictures and direct you to get the best sunlight/contrast.

Having a set up where you can sit, set up your phone against something so its aligned with your face and have your phone/camera directly in your face on a timer, can also really help.

If you haven’t tried to video your self posing in the frame where you’d like to be positioned and recorded yourself posing in different angles etc. You should try it out and stay in those positions for approximately 5-10 seconds and you can screen shot from the video.

This one seems a little obvious but I can’t resist mentioning it. YOUR PUMP UP “KWEEN”, BAD B*TCH MUSIC IS ESSENTIAL. Get in the zone of your confident self and slay those natural, glowing, confident pictures angels. Check out my Spotify linked at the top of the screen or my album on Youtube to help you with positive vibrations linked below. (

As always, feel free to send me a message by reaching out through comments, or my email Let me see how you selfie slayed from this “Get Glowing Confident Behind the Camera”, please oh please!

Published by Kathleen Angeleta 22 year old located in Kingston, ON, Canada. Aspiring to share my personal experiences to help others with their self-care, self-love, and their growth. Currently on the pathway to medical school to become a doctor in an undefined specialty as per right now. Vocals and lyrical writings are my greatest escape and coping mechanisms. Writing has always been a natural love for me.

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