Change is Uncomfortable; Uncomfortable Change is Growth

Downloadable worksheet (.doc file) attached at the end.

I want to get raw with you, right now in this very moment. Let the world fade back slowly into the abyss and be fully here with me right now, it’s just you and I. Breathe in deeply, exhale deeply. Repeat. Again. And again until you feel your only focus is on you and I, right now, and this moment.

Look, you and I know life is challenging. It sometimes feels like the world is running bets against you, saying you’ll fail and you’re thinking “what will go wrong next?” Then, something does go wrong and even when things aren’t going right they aren’t up to your standards or mine, right? What an endless, exhausting, and depilating cycling. I’ve been there. You’ve been there. Maybe you are right now or maybe there’s still so much yet you are questions, wondering, pondering, experiencing, learning and growing from.

Let me tell you something raw, that I have only recently discovered for myself. I want you in on this. Remember, this is you and me right now so if there are any distractions, get away from them. You and I. This moment. Focus.

Change can be mildly, moderately or extremely uncomfortable. That makes complete sense, right? Different situations, feelings, thoughts and experiences come and go at different intensities, depending what they are. But none the less, they are… uncomfortable. You and I we get so caught up in the discomfort that we aren’t noticing what is really happening as the seconds of our lives pass by. We’re just trying to figure out what the quickest and easiest way is to discard the discomfort.

You and I, we have feelings and we have thoughts. Our feelings are valid and we are (please repeat this next part in your head as many times as you can) solely responsible for our feelings. No one else is responsible for our feelings. Only you are responsible for your feelings; only I am responsible for my feelings. When we can sit down and penetrate that thought with understanding and acceptance, we begin opening up this very beautiful, intimidating but addicting passage.

When we feel in all sorts of manners, we are always responsible. Now, you and I need to allow ourselves to feel and accept how we feel. “My feelings are valid and I’m responsible for how I feel” is something you and I need to be practising each day, as we feel our days forward. Why? Because we deserve acceptance and understanding towards ourselves for how we feel so we can then find a calmness in the discomfort we are feeling. You and I, we are human and what’s so incredible about our species is our immense ability to feel and… to think.

When we can start accepting out feelings as valid and our responsibility, we can begin analyzing what the current situation is and how to perceive it. Ultimately, I believe we can perceive in simply positive or negative yet, with the acceptance and understand of our feelings we can obtain a neutral mind set that allows us to be raw and true. Raw and true that is, with how we feel, why we feel the way we do, knowing the light of our thoughts and the dark of our thoughts and then, to find the rational and realistic reasoning.

Being uncomfortable means there is change occurring and change is hard for you and I, all of us. Change is the driving force of these uncomfortable feelings. When we take responsibility for our feelings and accept them then, begin seeking out the possible highs and possible lows of the situation at hand. With our negative and positive perspectives seen clearly from both angles we can begin to better understand what our intentions, values and desired feelings are. You and I, experiencing this means we are growing.

Growth from being in a discomforting situation with uncomfortable feelings and thoughts, means we are challenging our selves to take the positive or negative perspective to lead to a resolution. You and I, when we acknowledge our sole responsibility for how we are feeling day to day and we learn to accept this with kindness, patience and time when needed, we can grow immensely.

You and I, do not have to be uncomfortable in a sense of disapproval, shame, quilt and a spiralling sense of confusion. We can be uncomfortable in the sense of kindness, growth, patience and understanding. You and I, are capable of so much more when we prioritize the responsibility of our own feelings and reach for the positive perspective when we know what the negative perspective can lead too.

Dare to be uncomfortable. Dare to accept your feelings as your responsibility. Dare to grow by weighing out the perspectives of both the negative or positive route you can pick and choose from for a resolution.

I want you to experience this as I have experienced for myself. When a challenging situation is at hand and you are experiencing uncomfortable feelings and thoughts, fill this worksheet out (attached at the end). Fill it out from the beginning to the end and be raw, honest and real with yourself. It’s for your eyes only, so be as raw as you possibly can be with yourself. The way this worksheet has changed my life, is something I need to share with you.

A situation arises, making you uncomfortable and you are to reach right out to this document and begin your journey. Be uncomfortable so you can experience the blessing of change that leads to your very own, cherished growth. You have so much to be proud of, so much to experience and you can take life on with the confidence and positivity you dream of.

So, between you and I, life can be challenging. If you and I, can get through one of these worksheets I can promise you a great change in your growth, your mindset and figuring out what you truly want. Be raw.


As always, you angels, you, please email me or leave a message for me in the contact tab. I love hearing from you and would love to know if you have any experiences to share with the help of this post and worksheet. Much love.

Published by Kathleen Angeleta 22 year old located in Kingston, ON, Canada. Aspiring to share my personal experiences to help others with their self-care, self-love, and their growth. Currently on the pathway to medical school to become a doctor in an undefined specialty as per right now. Vocals and lyrical writings are my greatest escape and coping mechanisms. Writing has always been a natural love for me.

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