Self Care Routine ft. Products AM

Self-care is my essential source of relaxation, to ensure I’m finding time for myself and obviously, showing myself kindness and love. Let’s walk through a typical day of self-care and the products I use regularly and religiously. There will be side note sections that aid in the additions, subtractions and tips I do when I need to pamper my self with extra kindness, love, care and calmness or, take it easy.


You’ve heard it a million times… Having a sleeping schedule is essential. This is my second top priority in self-care. I’ve found that a routine of 8 hours of sleep at regular times, has dramatically elevated my mood, memory, concentration, energy and ability to be present. I work shifts of 7am – 3pm or 3pm – 11pm, so my schedule does have to change up. For 7am – 3pm shifts I head to bed for 8pm – 9pm allowing me to wake at 5pm – 6pm (7-8 hours of rest). For 3pm – 11pm shifts I head to bed at 12pm and wake up at 8am (8 hours of rest) and since I have to work later into the night, I may take a power nap before work.

Side Note: If your job has consistent hours or you can manage to create a sleep schedule that is at the same regular rest and wake time (ex. rest at 11pm and wake at 7pm everyday), do it. You’ll notice the benefits I’ve listed for my interchanging sleep schedule to be more abundant.

I love to use a silk pillow case and sheets to minimize hair breakage when I’m resting. Also, tying my hair back in a scrunchy instead of an elastic has minimized hair breakage. The bonus to putting your hair back in a loose, scrunchy pony tail at night is that your hair will stay reasonably as styled as when you went to bed. I love finding ways to minimize getting ready in the AM. Don’t go to bed with wet hair, pretty pretty please. Unless, you want to cause more breakage to your luscious locks.


Yes, I’m that girl that needs caffeine in the morning to make me more of delightful human rather than, a confused and sassy toddler. First thing I do is boil the water for my coffee then feed my kittens. I head straight to the bathroom after and get ready to start my morning self-care.


I started using Crest 3D White Brilliance Toothpaste at the beginning of June. I’ve used other Crest 3D White products but this toothpaste is by far my favorite. The first day of using it I noticed a whiter smile and as the weeks go on I’ve seen a remarkable difference in the whiteness of my teeth. So, 2 minutes brushing and don’t you dare do a second less!

Facial Cleanse:

First I use either a Dove or Ivory unscented soap bar for my face and I can already hear people saying “Don’t do that!”, “Why a soap bar?”. I’ve noticed the more simple the product, the more benefits I get from it such as less acne, blotching and redness. If you want a facial bar specifically for your face then I recommend the Clinic Facial Soap bar. It’s a magical product for my not oily, but not dry skin, and did aid in lessening my mentioned troubles. Just be willing to pay a little extra.

Second, I use the Frank Body Original Face Scrub and gently motion the scrub in small circles covering my face. The original Frank Body product line are made of vegan ingredients, with coffee grinds and oil extracts. Their products are simple and get the job done with cleaning and deep moisturizing. You get a lot of product for your buck and the messages they leave on their packaging makes you feel giddy about using the products.

Third, I use Frank Body Original Lip Scrub on wet lips and again, gently motion the scrub on my lips. It allows removal of dry skin off your lips, to keep them moisturized and my favorite part… It tastes and smells like mocha. Once all washed off I like to apply my J.R. Watkins Ultra Moisturizing Lip Balm in Lavender Vanilla to ensure soft lips.

Side Note: If I feel like I didn’t get all the coffee grinds from the exfoliants off my face, I’ll go in with a facial wipe (or baby wipe) to feel squeaky clean. Some days my emotional health is a little too much and just using a makeup wipe/baby wipe can get the job done. Self-care can be a learning process, be patient and have an idea of the minimal you have to do to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.


Of course my waters boiling by now and you best believe my coffee is made and I take a Centrum Multi-Vitamin for Woman. Alongside it, I take my prescribed medication.

Side not: Never be ashamed of taking medication for whatever it may be for. You’re doing what you have to do for you and what’s best for you.

Before we go in too deep I want you to know I am proudly anti-diet culture. Why? Humans need all food groups, at all meals, to feel satisfied and balanced. Coming from a young woman recovering from Anorexia Nervosa, please don’t restrict yourself and at least have breakfast + lunch + dinner.

Creating a routine for eating is extremely essential to me and something I honestly do prioritize, every single day. I eat breakfast within the first hour of waking up. I ensure I have a full portion of four food groups for breakfast to make sure I’m giving my body everything it needs to be nourished, energized and satisfied. Typical I get a fruit or vegetable, a grain, a dairy, and a protein/fat. This may look different for everyone but I ensure you that having a healthy, balance meal at each dining time, will make you feel a lot better than any diet.

Proper nourishment and eating well for your health, individual needs and listening to your body when it’s sending you cues that you are hungry for something (or something specific) shouldn’t be ignored. I make sure I eat every 3-4 hours to ensure my body is always being replenished with nourishment and so I am mentally and physical energized throughout the day. This benefits my mood and ability to feel good all day.

Side Note: Take a look at the revised food guide. Get all those food groups in at each meal and feel satisfied, nourished and happy. If you are following or search for diets on social media or the internet, try to avoid this for your own emotional and physical health.


Every morning while I’m drinking my coffee or eating my breakfast, I fill out a blank page to plan for my day. I separate my day into “thing to complete” which are the tasks I truly need to prioritize and get done and then, “experience and evolve” which are things that I want to do that day that are necessary/are beneficial to me. These are what I’m actually interested in doing and collaborating with the goals that are inspiring me.

Planning your day can be stressful. Since, I started having these two categories it made me feel more balance and excited to begin my day. I had things I need to complete because that’s the reality of being an adult yet, I had a bunch of optional things that I feel interested in doing that day that are fun, inspiring, engaging and make me feel good inside and out.

I either scratch them out at I go with a thin line in a light color so I can still read/see the things I accomplished through out the day or, I draw a symbol beside the task and color it in once completed. If you’re a visual person such as myself, you may find this a lot more beneficial then having your day planned on a calendar or on your phone.

This keeps me moving forward, feeling more purposeful, confident, organized and allows me to be responsible but also explore my dreams/goals that I feel I want to engage in with that day.

I have a third section for my recovery from Anorexia Nervosa that focuses on making sure I’m eating healthy and according to my treatment plan. It also includes things like gratitude writing, opening up my journal to express myself, and different optional worksheets I can use for self-discovery. Having a third section that’s focusing on any mental or physical struggles you are going through (or a hardship/challenge you may be going through) should be on your planned day, as well. This is personal to you! Improving and being healthier each day in mental and physical health is so important for your well being, meeting your potential and growing into the person you aspire to be.


I feel like I may be a little intense with my regular shower routine, or at least I know that’s what my best friend has to say about it. None the less, I do the self-care that makes me feel more confident, more loved by myself and makes me want to take on the world with a happy outlook. So, to set the mood every time I shower in the morning I grab my speaker, connect it to my phone and play my “happs” playlist (happy… in case you didn’t get it but you probably did) on YouTube to set the tune of a good day coming alive.

Toning: I dampen my hair ensuring it’s not completely soaked and apply a generous amount of Tressa Watercolors Metallic Intense Shampoo in silver. I let it soak in my hair for ten minutes and continue with my shower routine until the ten minutes have passed.

Side Note: I use this product on dry hair occasionally for ten minutes if my hair is needing a real pick me up to be brighter and whiter.

Body Wash: I switch up my body wash but am currently using St. Ives Pampering Vanilla and Oat Milk. It smells lovely, feels lovely on my skin and it’s very moisturizing.

Exfoliate: I switch between two Frank Body exfoliating products depending on the day and how I’m feeling. Firstly, Frank Body Original Coffee Scrub is straight up fine ground coffee bean grinds, that you apply when your body and hands are wet. This product is better for a deep cleaning of your skin and when I use it I take 2-3 minutes gently getting a deep exfoliation everywhere. This is great for if you’ve been camping for a weekend, have slacked in your self-care routine etc. Frank Body Original Coffee Espress-o Scrub is a pre-whipped version of their original coffee scrub meaning, it is smoother, less messy, and creamier. I use this product more regularly because it’s more gentle (I have super sensitive skin). Both of these scrub leave you moisturized, and feeling fresh, smelling like literal heaven for anyone who admires a mocha coffee scent.

Shampoo: I try to use the most simple and natural shampoos on my hair as I do have some split ends, breakage and bleaching to grow out. I recently started using Live Clean Bali Oil Nutri-Shine Shampoo and having used their products before, they get the job done without weighing your hair down or drying your hair out. I only apply shampoo to my scalp and when I rinse my hair the shampoo works its way down the ends of my hair. I do this to avoid drying out the mid and end section of my hair out anymore then necessary. RINSE WITH COLD WATER or at least as cold as you can bear. This closes your hair follicles so they are stronger opposed to when their open.

Condition: Same as the shampoo, I have recently started using Live Clean Vitamin Multi-Boost Conditioner. I make sure I get out as much water as possible before applying the conditioner and once it’s damp, I apply a generous amount and leave it in. You heard me, no rinsing out the conditioner and only apply on damp hair. Having naturally spiral curls, doing this gives my hair the shine, nourishment and pretty curls I love versus frizzy, incomplete and dry curls.

Shave: I use my St. Ives Pampering Vanilla and Oat Milk body wash as a shaving cream. Typically I would use an actual foamy shaving cream but this product is incredible and much more budget friendly. It’s very creamy, thick and moisturizing. I shave every/every other day because I love the feeling of being freshly shaven and crawling into my fluffy duvet and silky sheets (you know the feeling). I feel more confident and the best part is I don’t experience razor bumps or rash by using this product. Again, I have super sensitive skin so it’s been really life changing for me m(y favorite anti-razor bump tips is coming up soon). I typically use a men’s razor that’s disposable with 4-5 blades.

Side Note: The key to shaving is exfoliating and being slow, don’t press the razor against your skin and rinse off the razor between each section.

Woman Hygiene: Some people get weird about this but yes, they make pH balancing products for your lady parts and honestly, I will never go back to not using them again. I started using SweetSpot Labs Vanilla Blossom Gentle wash which is made of 97% natural products and I use it every day. You just apply a dime size of product on your hand and clean the outside of your lady area and it balances out your pH levels, leaves you smells like a snack, and ensures safe hygiene. Especially during your menstrual cycle or post sex, this product makes sure your feeling fresh and balanced out healthily.

Side Note: If you haven’t tried SweetSpots Lab products for your hygiene, I recommend trying it and I bet you won’t be able to go back to your old ways! It’s totally safe.

Foot Care: I have one of those foot care products that have a pumice stone, brush, dry skin/scrapper and sand paper like side and I adore it. I typically only use the dry skin/scrapper side then the pumice stone and away I go. But when I feel like my feet have had it rough lately with standing, walking, exercise, running around bare footed and especially during the winter, I use all four sides. Soft feet that are smooth and taking some dryness and discomfort away from your feet, why not okay?

Hair Drying: This may also be a weird one to hear, but I use a soft cotton t-shirt to dry my hair. You can buy products that are specific for drying your hair for anti-breakage but a cotton t-shirt works just fine. Like I said it creates less breakage, you aren’t tugging or tangling your hair like a regular towel does and you can toss your hair up in a t-shirt and keep the conditioner and any other treatments you put in your hair. Instead, of it absorbing into a towel. Literal game changer.

Body Drying: This is pretty self explanatory but I know people are still out there rubbing a towel against their entire body, even after they have shaved. If you want to avoid razor bumps and rashes then gently tap your body clean with your towel or wrap it around you and air dry. This technique really aided in my ability to now have razor bump and rash free skin.

Side Note: A cold rinse before you jump out of the shower closes your pores and can aid in lessening razor bumps and rash.

Moisturize: I use to experience really bad dryness and scratching that lead to some wild bruising. I started using Hempz: Blushing Grapefruit and Herbal Body Moisturizer and my skin was becoming more and more moisturized and clearing of itchiness and bruising. It smells so fresh and it’s an energizing smell that wakes you up and makes you feel a little snap of pleasure. Bless this product for allowing me to be bruise free or only have a few baby bruises.

Deodorant: We all experienced elementary school and dealing with body odor and learning about the importance of deodorant. My absolute favorite deodorant to use is Secret VaVa Vanilla Antiperspirant because it smells like heaven and keeps you odor free all day long. I’ve been using it since elementary school (that’s how much I swear by it). Here’s the fun part though, deodorant is my little secret application on where razor bumps and rash tend to happen. Once I started this habit, I can shave every day without having razor bumps or maybe just one or two here and there (razor bumps and rash are totally normal).

Leave-In Conditioner: I started using Olaplex Leave-In Conditioner before I got my hair bleached around 8 months ago to ensure my hair was building it’s self from the inside out so I could bleach my hair with minimal breakage. I now continue to use this product every time I wash my hair because it is truly making my hair stronger, helping aid my split ends and old breakage from previous hair dying experiences. Meanwhile, nourishing my hair more than any other leave-in conditioner I have tried. I apply it mostly to my ends and areas of weaker hair strands or old breakage. It’s more costly then your typical drug store leave-in conditioners but you only need to apply a small amount for immense results.

Side Note: Olaplex has a whole line of hair products such as shampoo and conditioner. You can go to some salons where they use Olaplex products that go in with the dye for your hair, for minimal damage and breakage. I absolutely recommend adding it to your salon visit.

GET COMFY CONFIDENT | Makeup, Hair and Outfit

Once I’m done in the shower I’m ready to get dressed, do my hair and makeup and get ready to tackle my plans for the day. It’s so important to wear clean clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident at the same time. I know this can be a challenge for many of us; there’s days where I feel like I’m lacking either confidence or being comfortable. But, as I have learned what I feel both comfortable and confident in, most days I thrive.

Then, I start applying my makeup and I’ve always kept my daily makeup routine extremely simple. I use a BB cream foundation, powder on top, fill my brows, then apply mascara, sometimes a clear lip gloss, and away I go.

Finally, I’ll do my hair and I try my best to only use heat on my hair once a week. That tends to be the the day after I have washed my hair since I’ve trained my hair to be able to go a week or just over, without being a greasy. I have my go to hair style of half up, half down, but some days you just want a different look and then you have endless options. Take a look on Pinterest or simply google hair style ideas. Embrace your natural hair, use minimal heat and go with however it is when you wake up with a little heat-less styling. Be confident and be empowered.

Having a routine and “go to’s” for your outfits, makeup and hair can make getting ready for the day a lot easier and more of a instinct then, something you dread even thinking about. Planning out outfits the night before can be really helpful too. The key is to really enjoy your morning and with the self care I practice now by going through trial and error of what works and doesn’t work for me, I have a solid and secure system I live by. You can explore and discover one too that personalized just for you. Research, explore, try new things, and follow your intuition about how different self-care practices make you feel.

YOU LEAD THE WAY OF YOUR DAY | Look at Your Planned Day and Evolve With Responsibilities in Check

As always leave me a comment, like, follow, email and/or leave a message on the contact tab to get in touch with me. If you want to know more about my go to outfits/styling, my makeup routine, details of planning your day out, or any other concepts from this blog, get in touch with me! Much Love.


Published by Kathleen Angeleta 22 year old located in Kingston, ON, Canada. Aspiring to share my personal experiences to help others with their self-care, self-love, and their growth. Currently on the pathway to medical school to become a doctor in an undefined specialty as per right now. Vocals and lyrical writings are my greatest escape and coping mechanisms. Writing has always been a natural love for me.

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