The Love You Deserve; Buy Yourself Flowers

I can not count the amount of times I have heard one of my friends sigh and tell me “why doesn’t my boyfriend buy me flowers?” or something along those lines. As they’re scrolling through their social media seeing the dreamy, envious relationship “goals” and compare their relationship or desire in a spouse, to what others are getting.

I get it. The old school love of a gentlemen that buys you flowers just because he wanted to surprise you, put a smile on your face or make you feel important, is completely desirable. I do agree, that old school love is hard to come by in 2020 as someone in their twenties (any age if you think about it).

I’ve always had the perspective that if my significant other loves me with passion and wholeheartedly then, yes they would surprise me with small gifts. Maybe flowers or maybe remembering I’m lactose intolerant and coming through with some lactose free ice cream, because I had a tough day. Of course, I also believe it’s a two way street and both people in the relationship should be expressing their passion for each other, in the way that they personally show their love. Remember, everyone shows love differently.

Ladies, gentlemen, I know you want your significant other to buy you flowers or you hope that one day you’ll meet someone who will. Let’s get one thing straight. We aren’t in the age of old school love anymore but, that doesn’t mean we don’t have to experience it. In a relationship or not, set the tune of loving yourself inside and out by… buying yourself your own flowers. I do believe this will express what you want and need to your spouse or future spouse.

I did this the other day. It felt genuinely pure to the point I felt a rush of self-love, self-worth and warmth trickling through my veins. I bought my self a dozen small pale pink roses and I couldn’t resist my self from grabbing a single large red rose for my newest best friend, waiting for me in the car.

She’s been in a relationship for 3 years and she said “he hasn’t bought me flowers since when we first started dating”, and I felt my heart sink. Then, instantly reacted saying “Well, I did because I love you”. “I love you too!” Express your love to any of your loved ones, don’t hesitate.

The last few mornings I’ve woken up and seen those pretty pale pink roses sitting on my kitchen table, as my kittens smell them out (occasionally taking little nibbles on the petals). I know I need to show myself more love, so I did. I know I need to set the tone for the love I want and deserve, so I did. I know that in order to attract the people and situation I desire into my life I personally need to be actively participating in the actions I desire, so I did.

This doesn’t end in just buying myself or yourself flowers. This is a regular practice I’m starting to show myself heightened love, my worth, kindness, small yet big ways of praising my hard work and efforts, and trying to set my own tone for the way I want to be treated, loved and taken care of. Don’t leave it completely up to your significant other. You deserve to show your self that same passion and love for yourself, even if that means slowly building it up, you deserve it.

Also, don’t be shy in saying you want to start surprising one another more often and express your love with small romantic gestures. Communicate and be clear with the way you want to love yourself and be loved by others. There are so many ways to show this passion without spending a nickel like, picking up some flowers off the side of the road (that’s more so sentimental in my books.)

Email me or leave comments on the contact tab. Much love, angels.

Published by Kathleen Angeleta 22 year old located in Kingston, ON, Canada. Aspiring to share my personal experiences to help others with their self-care, self-love, and their growth. Currently on the pathway to medical school to become a doctor in an undefined specialty as per right now. Vocals and lyrical writings are my greatest escape and coping mechanisms. Writing has always been a natural love for me.

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